Art Integrated Environment


Art Integrated Medium of Teaching and Learning is based on the principle of learning through art and learning with art. This teaching learning process enables our students to relate complex theories of any subject with real life practical aspects which helps in better understanding and conceptual application. This methodology and its application has truly made our students not only excel in academics but also build in them the qualities of decision makers as leaders which has always been our priority. We believe that education is also about learning, practical applications, ethics, life skills, traditions, culture, interpersonal skills and self-realization.


Thematic assembly is a comprehensive idea to aware the students about the history, culture and integrity of India. Every week the assembly is conducted by students of one house of the four houses wherein they display the importance of the days in that week which makes our morning assembly eduvibrant. The purpose of this is to make them understand the importance of togetherness and inculcate in the students the qualities of leadership.


GPS Bagodar To make students aware about the benefits of trees, awakens their consciousness towards the environment. Students adopt a sapling on their birthday and plant it taking an oath to take care of it. It will help the children to take wise decisions regarding the conservation and optimum utilization of our valuable natural resources.