Reading is the art of interpreting printed and written words, the most effective process of conscious learning which influences attitudes, morals, beliefs, judgment and action of the young readers. We at GPS, Baodar strongly believe that good reading habits are source of knowledge. Following this aim we have initiated ‘Reading Rocket Award’. Reading Rocket Award will be given at the end of every academic year depending on the numbers of books students read during the session.
The school has a rich library with a vast collection of books on various topics and subjects. The library is open to the students during school hours. At least one library period is fixed in the weekly schedule for each class from class I onwards. Apart from books in the library, students get access to information through several educational CDs which are available on all subjects and topics. A new concept of 'My Library My Work' has been introduced in which students share their works (art, essays, stories, etc.) which are compiled and kept for other children to read/browse. An e-library, equipped with internet accessibility, study materials and a number of journals and magazines for competitive exams.

The objective of the same is-
* To develop language skills
* To develop analytical thinking skills
* To increase the creativity of the students
* To improve concentration and focus