The Gyanodaya Public School is run and managed by the Gyanodaya Educational and Welfare Society. The highly qualified and committed faculty, well-disciplined Students and well maintained and pollution free School Campus are the three major components that contribute towards the progress, growth and reputation of an Institution .Besides other factors, it is the students who bring the name and fame to an institution. In fact, they are the torch bearers and ambassadors of the Institution who carry forward the reputation to the peaks. Our endeavor is to create a conducive learning environment i.e. safe, caring and supportive, where every person can learn from and respect one another. We always try to inspire excellence and encourage high performance through engagement of varied instructions that allows for individual differences and learning styles. Also we promote Sportsmanship, diverse culture and School Spirit to nurture holistic growth and responsibility, while celebrating our diversity within a positive school atmosphere. It is not out of place to mention here that besides the academics, students should concentrate on the personality development and maintain highest order of discipline which is a must for them and for smooth and rapid growth of any institution. The GEWS wishes all the students a comfortable, enjoyable and successful learning period in the campus.